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Hope in a New Beginning

Who here loves Monday? Is it weird that I LOVE Monday?

I don’t know if it’s something I learned along the way or if it’s just a natural part of who I am, but I love the beginning. I love the beginning of a new season and the hope of all of its possibilities. I love to make a plan and start fresh with a new season for carrying it out. I get excited to tackle the morning with new expectations. Mondays are actually my favorite.

I think that somewhere in this is a hope and optimism that today can always be better than yesterday and no matter what is actually holding me back at the moment I can start fresh at any new beginning.

Right now I'm at a lot of new beginnings. We are all moving from summer into fall. I just sent my kids back to school after a year of homeschooling. And I just launched a new business and blog! I am excited for all the possibilities that these new adventures bring. I'm excited for sweaters and leaves of all colors. I'm looking forward to some apple cider and pumpkin spice. I am excited for the friends my kids are making and the things that they are learning. (And I'm excited for a few minutes to myself). Looking forward I see so much potential in the new things that are coming. I see the opportunity to make things better this time than they were the last.

If you’re not like me, though… What can foster a love of new beginnings?

I think that part of it is finding things in your life that you love. Waking up to go to a job that you love or to some other experience that you’re looking forward to can certainly make a new day amazing, but I think that it goes deeper than this because I have still loved Mondays even when I haven’t LOVED the things I’m going to do that day. I hope that you know it or at least believe it a little, but we can always be better than yesterday. We can always overcome the mistakes and mess-ups of the past. Sometimes our yesterdays feel like they define who we are, but we can ALWAYS choose to write a different ending. We may not be able to “fix” everything we have done wrong, but we can learn from it and grow from it and it doesn’t have to be who we are.

So… I think that’s why I like Mondays so much… It reminds me that I really have the ability to try again, which is one of the most beautiful things in life.

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