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Courage in the Little Things

What do you think when you hear the word courage? When I think of courage, I usually think of the big stuff that is the foundation of all the best blockbusters... The courage of soldiers and of firemen...

But did you realize that courage is needed in SO MANY THINGS?

I often dismiss the courage that it takes to have a hard but important conversation (even a good one), the courage it takes to say no to an extra snack when you're trying to loose a few pounds, the courage to walk out of or turn off a movie that doesn't match your standards... And the courage to do so many other things that are new or uncomfortable.

How do we build big courage to do the important things under pressure? We practice over and over every day with the small things.

A few weeks we talked about clarity. And clarity, for me, is the perfect partner to courage. When we have clear reasons and a clear plan, it is so much easier to follow through and act with courage.

When I have a clear plan to do a specific thing at a certain time, when the time comes and I get that cue I left for myself I am faced with a choice... "Will I do what I said I would, or won't I?" And this is when courage is needed. When we reach that question, there will be reasons we want to back out, turn away, or ignore the new cue, but we can take our vision and our courage and move forward anyway.

I have found so much empowerment when I use my courage and take a step towards my goal, even when it is small.

So I encourage you to follow through with your goals and plans with courage, that each step will leave you feeling more empowered and in control of yourself and your life.

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