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Products I Love and Highly Recommend

The following is a list of things I LOVE! They are things I highly recommend because they have helped me or made my life better in some way. Some of these recommendations include a link to my affiliate websites where you can make a purchase that will help fund this website and other Exalted Aspirations community activities. I hope that you find these recommendations helpful.


Every woman needs a go-to mascara that they can pull out for those occasions when you need to rock your lashes! Younique Quadra doesn't disappoint! This is the best mascara I've ever used. Long, defined lashes every time.

Younique Quadra

Lip Mask.png

Sometimes life is harsh on your lips and you need a powerful solution to rehydrate. Younique YOU-OLOGY Lip Mask has saved my dry lips over and over again. One application is often all it takes to show improvement.

Younique YOU-OLOGY Lip Mask

Cleansing Cloths.png

At the end of the day it is important to take all that beautiful makeup off and my favorite way is the Younique YOU-OLOGY Cleansing Cloths. It easily takes off even stubborn lip stains and mascaras.

Younique YOU-OLOGY Cleansing Cloths

Lip Butters.png

If you are looking for lip moisturizer AND color, look no further! Younique Weekend Lip Butter is my absolute favorite lippy! So many colors to choose there will certainly be one that's your favorite, too!

Younique Weekend Lip Butter

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