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Do You Have a Habit to be Made?

There’s always something, right? Always something in the back of your mind saying, “Do This” “I should…” or sometimes even “I want to …” ? Maybe I’m alone in this, but I *think* that we all have a little something that we have always been meaning to do or something that we have tried a couple of times but given up on because we got too busy or distracted.

After spending August reading about habits in book club, I am super excited to test out what I’ve learned about building new habits. I have so many ideas on how to FINALLY get a few stubborn goals really moving. My goal for September is to manage our family’s paper mess. I am starting with the simple habit of managing incoming paper every day and hopefully building the habit to include filing an embarrassingly big pile of old paperwork. This is an area where I have struggled my entire adult life. I will leave you to imagine the pile I have waiting for me. ;) I have signed up for tons of different courses on how to better manage my life and found that most people who teach decluttering or paper management are just so naturally good at it that their advice seems to make no sense to me.

I feel hopeful again, though. This past year I have built several new habits, and learned some of the things that really help me. Reading Atomic Habits by James Clear also gave some new tools to bring to the table when it comes to tackling this habit again.

Some of the things I learned from Atomic Habits are to start small but be consistent and to develop an identity out of your new habit. I hope that I can incorporate these ideas as I start to build my new habit of being organized in our family papers.

So that brings me to you. Is there something that YOU have been thinking about trying or adding to your routines? Is there a habit that you have tried but given up on? Is there a “thing” that you keep thinking would make life better but you haven’t made it stick? What habits do you want to work on? What are you doing to make them happen?

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