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A Glimmer of Hope

Have you ever found yourself in a dark place with little or no light? Have you had to try to make your way through the darkness of a room or campsite? What was it like to move through the darkness without even a small light to guide the way and light the path?

I've been thinking a lot about light this week as people are starting to put up their lights and decorations for Christmas. There is something magical for me about sitting in the dark in a room full of twinkling lights.

One of the things that I find fascinating about light is that you can be in a huge field or room in complete darkness, but when you turn on even the tiniest of lights it completely changes the feel of the space. Even the smallest dot of light will stand out amongst the darkness.

Sometimes life can feel really dark. Have you ever been through a time like that? Have you ever felt lost or hopeless? Have you ever been swallowed up in grief or sadness? I'm pretty sure that we have all had those kinds of times in our lives... those times when we really feel like we have no direction or purpose.

Just as the tiniest light can pierce complete darkness, sometimes all it takes is a small glimmer of hope to brighten our day or our future! I can think back and remember some of the biggest moments in my life, and most of them were led by a tiny action that grew to fill my whole life with blessings.

So, this holiday season, as you look around you and see all of the many twinkling lights, remember that we can do small things for others that will support them. Sometimes just that small action can be a glimmer of hope for another person. And finally, if you are in darkness this year or this season, know that you can find peace as you look for the good around you. Look for the glimmers of hope and let the small things grow until they fill your heart..

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